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This site is designed to be a central hub, where people can find groups to join, regardless of where they live.  The group can be an online one or a physical one, where members actually meet up in person.

Have you ever wished there was a single place on the internet where you could find or list a group? For example, you create a Facebook group for hiking in your town, called “Mountain View Trekking”. Apart from friends you invite to your group, what do you think the chances are that other Facebook users in your town will find it? I’d say, pretty slim!

The same goes for any platform where you host your group, such as Meetup or any of its alternatives. For local groups that don’t have an online presence, it becomes even harder. If you are the group owner, then advertising costs can quickly grow out of control. If you are a potential member, where do you start looking?

That is why I started this site. I saw a need for an affordable directory for group owners, which was free for visitors. I know how hard it is to get your groups known, having had my own ones. In fact I still do and it never gets any easier.

By having this central hub, you can see details about a group such as what it does, where it meets, who owns it, etc, then visit the group wherever it is hosted. For the hiking group example, visitors can find out all they need to know from here, without needing a Facebook account first. If they then wish to join your group, they now have a good enough reason to create a Facebook account.

Better still, they could contact you directly from here and discuss joining without even having a Facebook account, which a lot of people don’t want to do. This would be especially useful for closed or secret groups.

The directory gives you the freedom to provide only the information you decide to reveal, while protecting both the owner’s and visitor’s privacy.

How much would you pay for such an ability? How about $5 a year? And that’s in Australian dollars, which is even less in US dollars. Not only that, but you can create up to 10 listings for the one fee! Promote all your groups, or even a friend’s, for one low annual fee. I think that’s a bargain in anyone’s language. Check out some of the current groups and see what you think. I’m sure you’ll agree.